20 - 21 June 2023 | Leonardo Royal London St Paul's Hotel, London, UK


Dr. Somayeh Taheri


Somayeh, is the CEO and Founder of UrbanChain. Using AI and blockchain technologies UrbanChain has created a new and totally transparent renewable energy market where consumers and generators can transact safely. The renewable energy market is called the P2P (peer-to-peer) Exchange System and assesses a buyer’s energy needs, finds renewable energy producers that can match needs and matches them (half-hourly) through UrbanChain products v-powerChain & eChain. Energy Storage facilities act as the proactive member of the p2p exchange providing balancing services.

UrbanChain is based at Manchester Science Park and issues true carbon neutral bills (no greenwashing) that are at least 25% lower for consumers while producing at least 25% better margins for power producers. Among the UrbanChain’s clients, there are large commercial and industrial corporates, housing associations, local authorities, and energy suppliers.

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